Highlights of LWV US Convention 2018

Highlights of LWV US Convention 2018


LWV US Convention - Chicago, IL - June 28-July 1, 2018 President Betsy Patterson, Membership Director Pat Butler, and Director at Large Matty Park represented Ventura County at the 2018 LWV National Convention. It was a whirlwind four days for action-packed meetings, caucuses and workshops. We attended about 50 hours of events all together, meeting competent, hardworking, impressive people from all over the county.

We started with “Developing and Mobilizing Skills to Win in 2018” directed at making the League a “winning” organization. We learned about the “power over,” the “power to,” the “power with,” and the “power within,” - four kinds of power to get things done; the difference between power and privilege, between organizing and mobilizing; and to how to write an effective “Ask” letter and the different kinds of “No”.

One of the main topics throughout the convention was “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” No more just talking about diversity; it is time for the League to become a reflection of our communities. We learned that to be a successful organization we must recognize our individual unconscious biases, reflect on ourselves, become comfortable with uncertainty, engage with people who are different from ourselves and be open to feedback from them on how we are doing. More training to come….

At “Promoting League Work – Guide Creation and Fundraising” we learned some successful fund-raising techniques that we think may be doable here. More on that later too….

We heard from Leagues involved in high school voter registration projects. We heard a panel of three experts talking about “Election Day: Are We Ready?” in terms of security, efficiency, accessibility and integrity. We voted on the 2018-2020 National Program which includes support for the Equal Rights Amendment, the National Popular Vote for President Compact, as well as programs for “Making Democracy Work,” like Voter Protection & Mobilization, Election Integrity, Campaign Finance Reform, and Redistricting issues.      

Submitted by Betsy Patterson, Pat Butler and Matty Park

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