LWVDE Voter Summer Edition 2019

LWVDE Voter Summer Edition 2019


The League of Women Voters of Delaware has issued the summer edition of the VOTER 2019. Please find a link below to the VOTER which contains a roundup of legislation of the 150th legislative session and LWV activities of the last three months.


  • LWVDE Acting on Public Policy Issues – Advocacy Report-page 1
  • LWVDE Convention 2019 Highlights-pages 1-2
  • LWVDE Alternative Voting Methodologies Study-page 2
  • Congratulations to Charlotte King-page 2
  • Co-presidents’ Message-page 2
  • LWVUS Council 2019 Meeting Highlights-page 3
  • LWVDE hosting African Students-page 4
  • We’re the We in We the People on YouTube-page 4
  • Finance Committee Report-page 5
  • Significant Bills Addressed by LWVDE in 2019-pages 5-9
  • News from one of our local leagues-page10
  • Will Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)Tankers becoming Down the Delaware River?-pages 10-12
  • Thank you to our contributors-page 12
  • Calendar-page 12

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