LWVDE Action Alert: Contact Sen. McBride now about the Delaware ERA bill!

LWVDE Action Alert to support Delaware ERA bill


5/9/18 UPDATE:  After the last minute addition of 3 unnecessary amendments, the Delaware Equal Rights Admendment failed to get the 2/3 super majority needed to pass in the Senate today.  Voting was along partisan lines.  

The Delaware ERA Bill is on shaky ground.  Support for the ERA bill in the Senate is fading fast, and some Republicans may reverse their support on the bill because it is being rumored to be an abortion bill (which it is not).

There is an urgent need for this bill to get a vote ASAP in the Senate before the support of these Republicans fades.

We need to get calls and emails in TODAY to Senator David McBride and ask him to bring the ERA Bill to a vote before the end of the month.  It needs to be voted on NEXT WEEK.

Senator David McBride
David.McBride [at] state.de.us 

Contact your local representatives also to let them know your support for this bill.

URGENT:  Make some calls today and spread the word by forwarding this Action Alert!

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