LWVDE Action Alert on Gun Control

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The House is considering two bills on gun control strongly supported by LWVDE.

Please contact your legislators and urge them to support these two bills. If they are listed as sponsors or co-sponsors, let them know you are contacting them on behalf of the League of Women Voters and thank them. If not listed urge them to support this bill. Do it for all those who have died, suffered injuries, or have been traumatized by gun violence.

If you don’t know who your legislators are, go to http://legis.delaware.gov/. To find the email address or telephone number for your legislators, go to http://legis.delaware.gov/House or http://legis.delaware.gov/Senate. Click on your legislator’s name.

Do it today! Then email us at lwvde [at] comcast.net to let us know of their responses.

Support HB 330.This bill would change from 18 to 21 the age of a person to whom another person can sell, give, or transfer a firearm or ammunition for a firearm.

Primary Sponsor: Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf. Additional Sponsor(s): Sens. David McBride, Harris McDowell, Reps. Valerie Longhurst, Charles Potter. Co-Sponsor(s): Sens. Stephanie Hansen, Margaret Rose Henry, Robert Marshall, David Sokola, Bryan Townsend, Reps. Paul Baumbach, David Bentz, Stephanie Bolden, Gerald Brady, Debra Heffernan, Earl Jaques, James Johnson, John Kowalko, Sean Lynn, John Mitchell, Michael Mulrooney, Trey Paradee, Bryon Short, and John Viola.

Support HB 302. It would give our mental health professionals more ways to raise red flags with law enforcement and limit access to firearms for patients they believe could harm themselves or others. Its provisions aim to ensure due process for those identified as potentially dangerous.

Primary Sponsor: Rep. David Bentz. Additional Sponsor(s): Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, Reps. Valerie Longhurst, Debra Heffernan, John Kowalko. Co-Sponsors: Sen. Bryan Townsend, Reps. Paul Baumbach, Gerald Brady, Earl Jaques, and Pete Schwartzkopf.

Questions: Email sandyspence [at] gmail.com.