League holds semi-annual meeting

League holds semi-annual meeting


The League of Women Voters of Sussex County held their semi-annual meeting on November 16th at the Rehoboth Beach Museum.  There were light refreshments and after an opportunity to socialize with fellow members,  a short business meeting was held.   Following the meeting, there was a presentation by Stacey Burton of the Turning Point SuffragistMemorial Association.    Ms. Burton is a board member of Turning Points and represents Delaware.

LWVSC President Martha Redmond with speaker Stacey Burton

The Turning Points Suffragist Memorial Association is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization committed to raising funds to build a national memorial to honor the suffragists who fought for and won women's right to vote.  Their mission is to educate, inspire and empower present and future generations to remain vigilant in the quest for equal rights.

Ms. Burton spoke about the suffragist history which spanned 72 years, including the story of the suffragists who were imprisoned at Lorton, VA at the Occoquan Workshouse for picketing the White House demanding the right to vote.  Scores of women were arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for terms up to seven months.  There were reports of inhumane conditions, beatings, and forced feedings.  The reports of the poor treatment of these women energized the country and became a "turning point" in the struggle for voting rights for women.  

The Turning Points Suffragist Memorial will be located in NOVA Park's Occoquan Regional Park in Lorton, VA, part of the historic prison grounds where the women were incarcerated.  I tis approximately 20 miles south of Washington, D.C.  It will feature an entrance that is a replica of the White House gates and interactive historic vignette stations that reflect on the memorial's message of empowerment.  

If you would like to honor the women who suffered so much to gain women's right to vote, please consider donating to the Turning Point Memorial.  Send your donation to: Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association, 5400 Ox Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039.  Or contact them at turningpoint [at] suffragistmemorial.org or go to their website:  www.suffragistmemorial.

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