LWVUS Advocacy Updates

LWVUS Advocacy Updates


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Take Action for a CLEAN Budget

Multiple ideological riders have been secretly added into the must-pass federal spending bills that threaten to tip the balance of our democracy in favor of wealthy special interests even further. Call or email your Senators today and request that they reject any poison pill riders in this year’s spending bills, particularly ones that undermine our democracy.

League Partners on U.S. Clean Energy Progress Map

The League joined the Environmental Defense Fund and other organizations to launch and promote the U.S. Clean Energy Progress Map. The Map shows the economic impact of clean energy growth across the country. The map is a non-partisan, free-to-use public resource that captures investments and jobs in the U.S. wind, solar and energy efficiency industries.

League Joins Full Page Ad on Offshore Drilling

The League joined coalition partners on a full-page ad in Politico on March 1. The ad asked Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to protect our coasts and say no to offshore drilling. Earlier this year, the Trump Administration announced a plan to allow drilling along coasts of the United States (except Florida).

Deadline Extended for Comments on Clean Power Plan Rollback

The EPA has extended the deadline to comment on the planned rollback of the Clean Power Plan. Interested parties now have until April 26, 2018 to submit comments regarding this misguided action. The proposed rollback will greatly weaken the requirements to curb GHG emissions, taking our nation in the wrong direction on a critically important issue. All concerned Leagues and members are urged to submit comments opposing the weakening of this pivotal US climate policy. Please review the talking points and background information developed for this purpose. LWVUS submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency with regard to their plan to repeal the Clean Power Plan.

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