LWVDE Candidates Forum for Statewide Offices

LWVDE Candidates Forum for Statewide Offices


Delaware State University Bank of America Building
1200 N DuPont HIghway Room 113 Auditorium
Dover Delaware 19901
Delaware US
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 7:00pm

The League of Women Voters of Delaware is holding a candidates forum for statewide offices at the Delaware State University on Wednesday, October 24th at 7pm.  

Candidates Forum, State and National Office Aspirants. All candidates who qualify to be on the Delaware ballot were invited to participate. That includes candidates from "third" parties, including Green and Libertarian.

United States Senate candidates Democrat (Sen. Tom Carper), Republican (Robert Arlett) and Green (David B. Chandler) are participaing.

Unfortunately, Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester (Representative in Congress) had a scheduling conflict and will not attend. Her opponent, Scott Walker will attend but is not permitted to participate in the forum because of LWV compliance with IRS, FEC and FCC regulations governing non-partisan groups sponsoring debates. There must always be at least two points of view represented for each office.

Both candidates for Attorney General (Dem. Kathleen Jennings and Rep. Bernard Pepukayi), along with State Treasurer (Rep. Kenneth Simpler, Dem. Colleen Davis, and Green David B. Chandler) plus Auditor of Accounts (Dem. Kathleen McGuiness and Rep. James Spadola) are expected to attend.

There are two write-in candidates (U. S. Congress and Attorney General) who requested to join the debate, but since they did not qualify to have their names appear on the State of Delaware election ballot in the voting booth, the League can only invite them to attend the event and be announced as write-ins from the audience.