LWVSC Board and Committees

LWVSC Board and Committees

Our Board


  • Gwendolyn Miller, President
  • Connie Jones, Vice President: 
  • Marge Lafond, Treasurer, State Board Rep.
  • Suzanne Hain, Secretary


  •  Janet Ambrose, Social Policy chair
  •  BR Breen, Observer Corps chair
  • Jane Lord, Press Releases
  •  Pat Newcomb, Membership co-chair, Nomination committee
  •  Martha Redmond, Voter Services committee chair
  • Rain Tyler, Website/Social Media
  • Jan Willis, Membership co-chair


  • Lorna Dempsey
  • Sue Claire Harper, LWVDE Co-president

Off Board Positions:

  • Wyn Achebaurm, Email Manager
  • Joan Flaherty, Fun Lunch Coordinator
  • Susan Levy, Nomination committee
  • Martha Rothenberg, Zoom, video streaming
  • Leslie Slan, Nomination committee