LWVSC Forums on Clean Water

LWVSC Forums on Clean Water


On March 13, 2018, a forum was held in Sussex County Council Chambers  entitled: "Safe Drinking Water??  Everyone's Concern."  The well attended forum focused on shortcomings of wastewater and agricultural sludge disposal that lead to continuing pollution of residential wells.  A panel of experts discussed the scope of polluted sites, inadequate zoning practices, and the current lack of regulation enforcement which has led to groundwater contamination at sites such as Mountaire Farms in Millsboro.
Due to the heavy attendance of the initial forum and the concerns for the issue expressed by the public, the Environment & Natural Resources Committee of the LWVSC decided to hold a second forum as a continuation of the one held in March.  It was called, "Safe Drinking Water??  Everyone's Concern, Part 2."  The League’s aim in hosting this presentation was not only to raise awareness of current well-water contamination and ongoing threats to public health and the environment in Sussex County, but also to stress the need for the public to insist on long-term solutions.  The speakers presentations were followed by a question and answer period where the public was welcome to submit questions regarding their concerns on the issues addressed. 
On October 6th, the Committee held the LWVSC Water Warriors Expo, part 3 of its "Safe Drinking Water??  Everyone's Concern" forum.  Organizations and groups concerned about the environment, particularly water quality, were given the opportunity to provide the public with information about their environmental initiatives.  Several legislators and candidates attended.

photo of audience for Clean Drinking Water forum

                                 Safe Drinking Water??  Everyone's Concern, Part 1 

The video of the presentation can be found here.

 The speakers and their power point presentations follow:

Safe Drinking Water??  Everyone's Concern, Part 2

A video of parts of the presentation can be found here.

The speakers and their power point presentations follow:  

  • Lisa Borin Ogden, Deputy Secretary of DNREC, discussed the role of DNREC in protecting Delaware waters, their challengees, pollution reduction methods, and water quality improvement methods. 
    Protecting Delaware's Waters, "Everyone Has a Role"
  • Keith Mensch, Program Administrator, Division of Public Health, Office of Drinking Water,  explained what ODW does and how it regulates public water systems.
    Office of Drinking Water
  • Dr. Mohammad Akhterformer director of the American Public Health Association, discuessed nitrates in Sussex County ground water, local areas of well water contamination, the effects of that contamination, and the responsibility of elected and appointed officials.
    Clean Drinking Water for All 

Safe Drinking Water??  Everyone's Concern, Part 3

Water Warriors Expo

On October 6, 2018, the Environment and Natural Resources committee of the LWVSC held a Water Warriors Expo at the Milton Fire Company.  An article on the event can be found here.