Volunteer Opportunties

Volunteer Opportunties

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Poverty/Health Committee

  • Research poverty/health data.
  • Create presentations explaining League positions.
  • Educate on poverty/health issues.
  • Advocate with non-profit agencies and legislators.
  • Present League recommendations to local and state boards.

Want to know more?

Contact Beth Hovind: bethse@gmail.com.

Voter Service

  • Register/update voters.
  • Participate in/organize candidate forums.
  • Prepare Voter Guides.
  • Observe County Canvas Board.
  • Conduct Supervisor of Elections interviews.

NOTE: If you want to volunteer to register voters, you must first be a League member and be certified by the League of Women Voters of Florida.

For more information, please see:
Want to know more?

Contact Doris Reeves-Lipscomb: doris.reeves.lipscomb@gmail.com


  • Proofread The Voter before distribution to the membership.
  • Contribute articles and photos for publication in The Voter on such topics as:
    • Summary of one of the LWVNPC events.
    • Interview with a speaker prior to the LWVNPC event.
    • Summary of LWVNPC committee activities.
    • Interview with a new member.
    • Progress of bills related to issues on which the League has a position.
Want to know more?

Contact Peggy Toohey: ptoohey518@gmail.com

Regional Transportation

Monitor the organizations that are working on solutions to transportation needs in the Tampa Bay area.

For background information see the Tampa Bay Times Editorial, 03/10/2017

Want to know more?

Contact Karen Karinja: karen.karinja@gmail.com

Environmental Action Group

Monitor the Florida Legislature to ensure they observe the following:

  • Adhere to Amendment 1, the Florida Land and Water Conservation Act passed in 2014, as intended by voters.
  • Restore funding for the land conservation program, Florida Forever.
  • Keep Florida State Parks from logging, cattle grazing, excessive RV camping, and other commercial endeavors.
Want to know more?

Contact Dave Sillman: dave@beyourbestinc.com

Education Action Group

Provides communite education and advocacy for LWVNPC policies and positions on education issues in Pinellas County.

  • Initiate study of local education issues.
  • Initiate and promote candidate forums for open school board positions as needed.
  • Education League members and the public on LWVNPC positions on education reform and funding.
Want to know more?

Contact Nikki Fleming: flemsci@gmail.com

International Relations

Nationally, the League of Women Voters supports a strong, effective United Nations and endorses the full and active participation of the United States in the UN system.  The League supports UN efforts to:

  • Promote international peace and security
  • Advance the social and economic well-being of the world’s people
  • Ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Foster trust and cooperation among nations by encouraging adherence to conventions, treaties, and other international agreements
  • Protect the integrity of the world environment
  • Achieve the full and equal participation of women in all aspects of civil and political life.
Want to know more?

Contact Judy McSwine:  JudyMcSwine@gmail.com