League Legislative Day 2019 - This Meeting is Free & Open to the Public

League Legislative Day 2019 - This Meeting is Free & Open to the Public


Paul D. Coverdell Legislative Office Building (aka CLOB)
18 Capitol Square SW
Atlanta Georgia 30334
Georgia US
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 8:00am

The Democracy Act

League Legislative Day for 2019 will focus on The Democracy Act, which calls for comprehensive reform of Georgia’s Redistricting Process. The events of the day will include a briefing on League Legislative Priorities, with emphasis on The Democracy Act, which will be formally introduced that day. There will be a press conference at which the League of Women Voters will make a statement to which all of our legislative attendees are invited.
There will be lobby training and an opportunity to ask your legislative representatives to formally pledge to support fair districts and a fair process in Georgia.
The Democracy Act accomplishes three things:
1. Tells the mapmakers never to use the political party affiliation of Georgia voters or past election results to draw the maps.
2. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. The Democracy Act brings the entire map drawing process into the light where it belongs.
3. Establishes an independent commission that takes map drawing out of the hands of self-interested politicians and puts it in the hands of citizens.
You will need photo identification 
to get into the Capitol. 
In compliance with security regulations, all visitors must enter the Capitol through a metal detector; the X-ray machine must examine hand-carried items. No weapons, including pocketknives, are allowed in the Capitol. These items should be left in a vehicle because security is not able to hold these items. In addition, off-duty law enforcement officers will not be allowed to carry their weapons while they are inside the Capitol.
Become a League Member:
You too may become a member. League membership is open to women and men, 16 yrs of age and older, without regard to citizenship status. You may join online or by email at lwvga@lwvga.org and request a form be sent to you. 


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