Graphic by Stephen Nass providing an explanation of how a district can be gerrymandered.

Graph above by Stephen Nass

Why this is our top legislative priority:

The next U. S. census will take place in 2020. The information gathered will be used by the Georgia legislature to adjust Georgia State and Federal legislative districts. Over the next two years, LWVGA will work to pass legislation that will ensure the fairness of that redistricting process and minimize the chance that legislators will gerrymander Georgia districts.

The League of Women Voters of Georgia supports: 

  1. A state redistricting process and standards that promote fair and effective representation in the Georgia General Assembly and the U. S. Congress with maximum opportunity for public scrutiny.
  2. An independent commission as the preferred redistricting body. The membership of the redistricting commission should be multi-partisan, include unaffiliated voters, be geographically representative and not include any current state elected official. 
  3. Standards that require districts to be substantially equal in population, geographically contiguous, and drawn without regard to the existing partisan voting patterns.

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