Information for Voters

Information for Voters

Permanent Absentee Voting – Hawaii voters may request an absentee ballot for a specific Primary election or a specific General election.  A voter may also sign up to vote by mail permanently for all future elections.

Use the official Voter Registration and Permanent Absentee Application form.

Candidates – The League takes part in, a "one-stop-shop" for nonpartisan candidate information about each candidate in Hawaii’s primary and general elections.

NOTE: League members are currently updating candidate data as it comes in, please check back weekly to find new information.(Volunteers, to login, you can use this link.)

Proposals on Your Ballot – See which Proposed Constitutional amendments will be on our General Election ballot.  Read our nonpartisan “Pro/Con” analysis for each Proposed Constitutional Amendment.

To see a list of available races, visit the Hawaii race index.

To view your sample ballot, click here.

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