Observer Corps

Observer Corps


The League of Women Voters Observer Corps has been resurrected in Moscow. Beginning in February 2018, observers have been attending meetings of the City Council and its Administrative and Public Works/Financial committees, Latah County commissioners; Moscow School District Board of Trustees; and the Moscow Urban Renewal Agency (MURA).

The Observer Corps is a nonpartisan group that observes governmental bodies for information of importance to the League and community.

Participation in the corps requires observers to be the eyes and ears of the League. To have effective League activity in the community, the League must understand how local government works and about the issues that are or may become items for local study and action.

The observer's role is to listen but not to participate in the proceedings. Through this device, the League is kept informed on community issues and trends, and is better able to fulfill its aim of increasing political responsibility and interest in government. Observers are identified by wearing an easily seen LWV Observer Corps button.

We are fortunate in Moscow and Latah County in that government operates in an open manner or, as some put it, "in the sunshine." The local press also does a respectable job of covering the various governments, but more eyes and ears can't hurt.

If you are a League member and would like more information on becoming an observer, please contact Murf Raquet (208-882-2914 or murf822 [at], who serves as Observer Corps coordinator.


Planning and Zoning

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Latah County Commissioners
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Moscow School Board
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FileFebruary 15, 2018 (Official minutes of the meeting, not an observer report)
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