Save the Date : Annual Dinner Meeting

Save the Date : Annual Dinner Meeting

Annual Meeting


Francesca's by the River
200 S 2nd St
St Charles Illinois
Illinois US
Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 5:30pm

SPEAKER: Audra Wilson, Executive Director League of Women Voters, Illinois

Cost: $40 per person

Please RSVP and Mail Payments to LWVCKC PO Box 12, Batavia, IL 60510

Be sure to  read the materials below - the proposed Budget, Bylaws change, Program, and Nominations so you are prepared to vote at the Annual Meeting.

RSVP and/or Questions? Call Joan Lencioni 630-200-7509 - Email Joan208 [at]


LWVCKC 2019-2020 Proposed Budget
Facebook                                  100.00
Forums & TLC                           550.00
Membership                              100.00
Voter Services                           500.00
Website                                     400.00
Web Master                             1200.00
Insurance                                    54.00
Annual Meeting                       1,000.00
Illinois Convention                   1,000.00
UMRRILO Dues                           25.00
Illinois PMP Dues                     2136.00
National PMP Dues                 1576.00.
Total Expenses                     $8,641.00

Member Dues                          5,190.00
Annual Meeting                        1,000.00
Donations                                 2,451.00
Total Income                          $8,641.00
Education Fund Current Balance                 $2,429.99
Insurance                                    18.00                       Total Expenses  $2,335.00
Illinois PMP Dues                      741.00
National PMP Dues                1,576.00                   Projected Balance   94.99


Bylaws Change

Article V Officers

Section 1: Enumeration. The officers of LWVCKC shall be the Preident, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. 
Proposed Addition: If the Nominations Committee fails to nominate a candidate for President, a Third Vice President shall be nominated to serve as an elected officer.


Proposed Program for 2019/20


Action Foci:


Campaign Finance Reform
Voter Service

2019 Nominations

2-year terms:

2nd VP: Patti Lackman
3rd VP/Director: Llona Steele
Secretary: Lark Cowart
Treasurer: Kelly Rotella
Director: Bill Scown


1-year terms:

Nomination Committee:
Chair: Margaret Johnston
Member: Terry Allen



Contact Information
Joan Lencioni
joan208 [at]