Fair Tax for Illinois

Fair Tax for Illinois

For 50 years, the League of Women voters has supported a graduated rate income tax for Illinois.  The General Assembly agreed with us that the public deserves to vote on whether the state constitution taxed at a flat, non-graduated rate. This change would permit income to be taxed at different rates, as in the federal income tax system.


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  Ballot Wording for Fair Tax Amendment:

The proposed amendment grants the State authority to impose higher income tax rates on higher income levels, which is how the federal government and a majority of other states do it. The amendment would remove the portion of the Revenue Article of the Illinois Constitution that is sometimes referred to as the "flat tax," that requires all taxes on income to be at the same rate. The amendment does not itself change tax rates. It gives the State the ability to impose higher tax rates on those with higher income levels and lower income tax rates on those with middle or lower income levels. You are asked to decide whether the proposed amendment should become a part of the Illinois Constitution.     YES  NO