Suffragettes march for the vote

The League of Women Voters advocates or takes action on an issue or cause when there is an existing League position that supports the issue or speaks to the cause.


Positions that are based on decisions of informed members and involve those members are what set the League apart from other organizations. The process of reaching a position involves careful study by a committee, followed by evaluation of study questions by membership. The committee forms a consensus statement as a result of membership answers. That statement becomes the recommended position and is either adopted or rejected by the membership. If the statement is rejected by membership, the study does not progress to a position and members may not advocate on that issue. The League’s "program" is informed by its adopted positions.

Positions taken by the League of Women Voters of Chicago are included in Where We Stand. Studies from across the nation are in our League of Women Voters Education Fund Clearinghouse for studies.  


The role of the member is vital to advocating in the public interest for or against particular policies. Each member is urged to stay informed and to take action as an individual in support of League positions. Possible actions include:

      • Acting on Action Alerts from the League that encourage contacting representatives in support of or opposition to specific legislation
      • Visits, calls, or contacts with representatives or their staffs to keep open lines of communications and establish relationships
      • Expressing League opinions on radio, TV, social media, or in print
      • Hosting educational forums on position topics
      • Attending and/or regularly observing public hearings and legislative sessions
      • Testifying before a local governing body