January: The Start of League Program Planning

January: The Start of League Program Planning


Program is the heart of the League of Women Voters. It is the basis for both education and action. League Program encompasses governmental issues that have been chosen by members for study, consensus, and ultimate action. While LWV principles guide adoption of national, state, and local Program, action may be taken only after study, which must include factual research, member discussion, and member agreement (consensus). Action is a broad term; it can mean testifying before a local governing body, expressing League opinions in the media or in letters to officials, holding town meetings, or simply talking to a friend about LWV positions. 

The Program Planning process is an important League tool for identifying issues for study. It gives members and Leagues the opportunity to balance the pros and cons, assess possible support, and consider the viability of issues. 

Every two years, local and state Leagues are asked to review the positions members previously adopted through study and consensus. They are also asked to submit their suggestions for new or updates to studies, which will be presented for adoption at the LWVIL Convention and LWV Chicago Annual Meeting in June 2019.

The Program Planning process begins in January. The City Government and Education Committees are planning to review LWV Chicago positions concerning the structure and function of city government and the educational system. The Issues Committee is reviewing other positions and making recommendations on whether LWV Chicago should retain, update, drop, or restudy other positions. See Where We Stand for the current list of LWV Chicago positions. 

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