Legislative Interviews

Legislative Interviews

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Every year, the LWVIL Issues Committee encourages in-district lobbying contacts, or legislative interviews, with the state senator(s) and representative(s) in each district. The primary purpose of the interview is to strengthen the line of communication and nurture relationships with lawmakers. The interviews are intended to be respectful exchanges of views and information and a step that will set the stage for future action. Interviews may be done in the legislator’s office or by phone. They may be tape-recorded, if the legislator agrees ahead of time. While LWVIL provides interview questions, additional questions that focus on local or district issues may be added. Below is the list of legislators for this year’s round of interviews. Please email the League office at league@lwvchicago.org if your legislator is on the list and you would like to interview him or her. A full packet of background information will help guide you.

Illinois Senate

2nd District Omar Aquino         

3rd District Mattie Hunter        

6th District John Cullerton        

20th District Iris Martinez         

13th District Robert Peters          

7th District Heather Steans         

5th District Patricia Van Pelt        

8th District Ram Villivalam        

Illinois House  

26th District Kambium Buckner                 

14th District Kelly Cassidy            

12th District Sarah Feigenholtz  

6th District Sonya Harper             

13th District Greg Harris        

55th District Martin Moylan  

5th District Lamont Robinson 

25th District Curtis Tarver     

9th District Arthur Turner      

11th District Ann Williams   

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