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RACE Exhibit

“Race: Are We So Different?,” an exhibit at the Chicago History Museum, prompted a lively discussion at a recent event sponsored by the LWV Chicago Diversity Committee.

League of Women Voters National Convention 2018

The League is embarking on an ambitious transformation roadmap so that we can be as vibrant and relevant an organization now as when founded.

Melanie Norstrom
Member's Spotlight

I joined the League with the explicit goal of becoming more politically engaged at the local level, and I've been a League member for eighteen months now. Did the League of Women Voters of Chicago help me become a more politically active citizen? Yes!

Claire Hartfield and Annie Logue

President Annie Logue opened the LWV Chicago Annual Meeting on June 9 by welcoming members and guests, reminding them all that the 2017-2018 League year had been the “Year of Engagement”—and an engaged year it was.

Ida B. Wells campaign press conference

In the wake of the Charlottesville confrontation and ensuing demands for the removal of offensive monuments, a number of aldermen in Chicago began to call for the removal of tributes commemorating the fascist warlord Italo Balbo.

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