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International Women's Day

LWV Chicago was one of four exhibitors participating at the 2019 International Women’s Day program sponsored by 1871, home of nearly 500 digital startups at Merchandise Mart, and Charles Schwab investment services.

Chicago in Focus

“When you think of crime, you think of ‘bad guys.’ But they were all kids once,” said Hernandez, noting a troubling trend to demonize children as soon as preschool, expelling poor and minority children based on biased perceptions of their behavior.

Downtown Chicago shot

Every year, the LWVIL Issues Committee encourages in-district lobbying contacts, or legislative interviews, with the state senator(s) and representative(s) in each district. Volunteers are needed to conduct the interviews, which are meant to strengthen the line of communication and nurture relationships with lawmakers.

Aldermanic forum
Blog Post

How I tried and failed, and ultimately triumphed in the candidate forum challenge.


As the election approaches, aldermanic prerogative and its impact on segregated housing in Chicago has been a hot-button issue for candidates for mayor and the City Council.

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