How can I help?

The Chicago City Council has begun the process of considering renaming Balbo Drive to Ida B. Wells Drive. The League of Women Voters is leading efforts in support of this name change.

You can take action right now!

Call your alderman and ask him or her to support O2018-4176, which calls for East Balbo Drive to be renamed Ida B. Wells Drive.

Find your alderman and contact info here. 

In order to ensure it advances out of committee to come to a vote in the City Council this month, please call or email the following members of the Transportation and Public Ways Committee, who have not publicly expressed support for this campaign:

Anthony Beale—Chair (9)
312-744-6838; ward09 [at]

Jason Ervin (28)
773-533-0900; ward28 [at]

Raymond Lopez (15)
773-306-0837; ward15 [at]

Matthew O'Shea (19)
773-238-8766; ward19 [at]

Susan Garza (10)
773-768-8138; ward10 [at]

Chris Taliaferro (29)
773-237-6460; ward29 [at]

Have more time?
Please call the aldermen who proposed the ordinance and thank them:

Brendan Reilly (42)
312-642-4242; office [at]

Sophia King (4)
773-536-8103; ward04 [at]

You can also download and mail these postcards to your alderman.

Some points you can make:

  • Italo Balbo was a fascist leader responsible for the deaths of many people.
  • Italo Balbo’s only connection to Chicago was his visit here for the World’s Fair in 1933. He stayed a total of five days.
  • Ida B. Wells was one of Chicago’s greatest leaders, at the forefront of the movements for women’s rights and racial equality.

Bonus: Download this campaign flyer to pass along to your friends.

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