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This page contains Chicago League documents related to our activities or past events. They are for your reference.

Briefing Materials

The Chicago League hosts educational briefings throughout the year. Find the supporting documentation from past briefings in our Dropbox location. There is a sub-folder for each event.

2017 -  2019 Briefing Materials

League Positions

Where We Stand

Organization Documentation

Annual Report 2018

Financial Reports

League Bylaws

Political (Non Partisan) Activity Policy

End of Year Review (2017-2018)

Guidelines for Voter Registration Volunteers 2018

Illinois Voter Guide Research Process

Observer Reports

Board of Education

Board of Elections

Chicago Voter Newsletter Archive

Recent issues of the Chicago Voter newsletter are found on our Newsletter webpage. Older newsletters are stored in Dropbox folders by year. 

2007  - 2017 Newsletters

Past Studies

Elected or Appointed School Board?

Communications Request Form

Form to request email, website, and/or social media communications