How You Can Help

Registering to vote

LWV Chicago provides the following voter education and registration services to facilitate participation in the voting process:

Deputy Voter Registrar Training

We sponsor DVR training for League members. DVR training dates can be found on our calendar. Contact the Voter Service Chair Helene Gabelnick at league [at] for additional information.

Registration Drives

We are busy coordinating registration drives leading up to the February and April municipal elections. Take a look and sign up to volunteer at one! You do not need to be a trained Deputy Voter Registrar to work at these drives. If you have questions or would like to plan a drive, contact Voter Service Chair Helene Gabelnick at league [at] lwvchicago.orgCheck out the latest guidelines for voter registration volunteers.

Sign up to volunteer at upcoming registration drives here.

Several LWV Chicago members have taken the lead in four types of locations around the city. Contact the individuals noted at league [at] to get involved in these specific projects.

  • High schools - Pat Wilder
  • City colleges - Laura Ring
  • Retirement communities - Melanie Norstrom
  • Public libraries - Nancy Martin

LWV Chicago is also partnering with Chicago Votes to register eligible voters at Cook County Jail. On the second Sunday of each month, volunteers will enter the jail from 3-6 pm for nonpartisan voter registration. Volunteer slots are limited to 20 people each month. A volunteer request will be sent in mid-May for the June 9 voter registration. 

If you plan on doing voter registration in Cook County Jail this summer, please attend a refresher CCJ101 training and organizer meeting on Thursday, May 9 from 6-8 pm at The Breathing Room (1434 W 51 St, Chicago, IL 60609). This is a required training if you have never been through a CCJ101 training. If you are a pro, please still come to the meeting for updates. Please direct questions to Alex [at]">alex [at]

Poll Watching

LWV Chicago will have credentials for members to poll watch for Early Voting, Election Day, and the post election audit. Contact Helene Gabelnick via league [at] if you would like to volunteer for this activity.

Moderator Services

The League of Women Voters trains volunteers to moderate candidate forums and debates. If you are interested in moderating an event or asking League members to moderate your event, please contact the Voter Service Chair Helene Gabelnick at league [at]