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Contact Us

League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette
P.O. Box 2085
West Lafayette, IN 47996

Telephone:  1-765-268-0817

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Title Name
Executive Team - Business Barb Clark
Executive Team - Events Deanna McMillian
Executive Team - Advocacy Margaret Hass
Secretary Barb Kerkoff
Treasurer Denise Ottinger
Voter Service Ken Jones
Database Manager Donna Giroux
Membership Nancy Clement
Nominating Committee
Sue Scholer, Teena Flook,
Ginny Webb, Carolyn Percifield
Joyce Field, Ellen Dran
Voters Guide (Vote411)
Joanne Evers, Shirley Olson
Environmental Sustainability Liz Solberg, Susan Ulrich
Officials Directory
Peggy Hoover/Sallie Fahey
Voter Newsletter
 Deborah Schwarte, Marlee Posto
Alice Pawley

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