P/UVote Campaign information, over the word "Vote" written in chalk on a chalkboard, where the "O" of "Vote" is a heart.

We are currently collecting normal donations to support the work of the League, and special donations as part of the P/UVote Campaign that the League will use to support Purdue students purchasing new IDs that are compliant with Indiana voter ID law.

P/U Vote Campaign

Normal donations

The League's source of income depends on annual dues and donations. Dues are primarily used to annually pay the State and National Leagues a "per member payment" (PMP) which leaves the local League with only $3.00/person to use toward the operation of the League.

We depend heavily on donations to carry out the important work of the League, from voter services, to community programs, advocacy, and more.

If you want to contribute to our mission but don't want to become a member, or if you want to amplify your membership with an additional contribution, we welcome your donation.

There are three funds you can contribute to in order to support the work of the League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette:

  1. General Operating Fund: Supports operating expenses including but not limited to: phone, fees, printing, and other program costs. Supports advocacy and lobbying with government representatives. Not tax-deductible.
  2. Education Fund: Supports voter service and public education programs on issues. Supports studies of local community issues.  Tax-deductible.
  3. Fern Weber Fund: Scholarship program for members who request financial assistance to join the League. Not tax-deductible.


Donate online

Thank you for your online donation! Online donations can be made to be recurring, which can help us plan with a more stable income stream. For now, online donations can only be made to the general fund or the Fern Weber fund.

Donate by check

Thank you for your donation by check! Please complete the pdf form below, print, and mail along with your check (made out to the League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette) to:

League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette
P.O. Box 2085
West Lafayette IN 47996

Thank you!

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