Voting by Mail - Request Your Absentee Ballot

Voting by Mail - Request Your Absentee Ballot

Purple envelope for ballot and purple facemark, with "vote by mail" and the LWV logo in white text.

Voting by Mail or Absentee Voting is available to all Hoosier voters.

  • Request an absentee ballot on-line (Select "Visit My Voter Portal" button)
  • Request an absentee ballot by calling the Tippecanoe Board of Elections - 765-423-9303 or email electionboard [at]

Background and Specifics

Indiana requires that you must provide a reason why you wish to vote absentee. If you voted absentee last election, you still have to apply for a new absentee ballot for the coming elections in 2022..   Past applications don't carry-forward. 

To vote absentee, you would need to declare one or more of these to be true (to the best of your knowledge on the day that you fill out the form):

1.You have a specific, reasonable expectation that you will be absent from the county on Election Day during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open (6 am until 6 pm).
2.You have a disability.
3.You are at least 65 years of age.
4.You will have official election duties outside of your voting precinct.
5.You are scheduled to work at your regular place of employment during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open.
6.You will be confined due to illness or injury or you will be caring for an individual confined due to illness or injury during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open.
7.You are prevented from voting because of a religious discipline or religious holiday during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open.
8.You are a participant in the state's address confidentiality program.
9.You are a member of the military or a public safety officer.
10.You are a "serious sex offender" as defined in Indiana Code 35-42-4-14(a).
11.You are prevented from voting due to the unavailability of transportation to the polls.


Can My Request be Denied?

Indiana law allows that your application may be challenged but it must be done in a very specific way and is relatively rare in Tippecanoe county.   From the Election Handbook:

A county election board member or absentee ballot voter board member may challenge an absentee ballot application by filing an affidavit. The Indiana Election Division prescribes the form of the affidavit (ABS-20). The affidavit must contain a brief statement of the facts indicating that:

1) the applicant is not a voter of the precinct according to the voter registration record;

2) the application contains a false statement; or

3) the application has not been properly executed or filed in accordance with state or federal law.

If the absentee voter board member or county election board member files a challenge affidavit (ABS-20) and the two absentee board members cannot agree on whether to approve or deny the application, the absentee voter board members shall refer the application to the county election board for determination.   If someone calls you or attempts to challenge your request for an absentee ballot we recommend you request a copy of the completed ABS-20 form.

When Will I Get My Ballot?

The date a county election board begins mailing absentee ballots is important.  After the initial push of mailing ballots out to absentee applications on file, a county must transmit an absentee ballot on the day of the receipt of the application. However, if a voter’s absentee application is challenged or the voter’s registration is in pending status, then the ballot may not be sent until the challenge is resolved or the voter’s registration status becomes active.