P/UVote: Donate to support students buying voter-ID compliant identification cards from Purdue

P/UVote: Donate to support students buying voter-ID compliant identification cards from Purdue

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In July, the Tippecanoe County Board of Election determined that Purdue student IDs could no longer be used for voting since they did not meet the state’s criteria for voter identification.   In response, Purdue modified student IDs to include a visible expiration date making them voting compliant and to phase them in with each freshman class starting in June.

Purdue will provide students one week – October 21-25, 2019 – to obtain a new identification card for no cost. But if students miss the 5 day time period they must now go through the process of paying $10 for a new ID in order to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

The League's P/UVote campaign is to assist Purdue students in obtaining the required identification to vote.  The campaign has an initial goal of $10,000. Its first use will be to fund new IDs for Purdue University undergraduate and graduate students as well as to develop new educational materials to help students understand voting in Indiana. Kicking off immediately and continuing through 2024, the campaign is focused on increasing Purdue students' access to voting in their college hometown.

Students will be able to obtain their replacement IDs and then make a request to the League for reimbursement. Funds will be directly disbursed to students who present a receipt for their new ID. Student reimbursements will also be dependent upon the amount of funds actually raised through P/UVote.

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Donate via PayPal to P/UVote Campaign

To donate to the campaign by check, please mail your check (made out to "League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette) with "P/UVote" in the memo line to:

League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette
P.O. Box 2085
West Lafayette IN 47996


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