Contact Senators Now - Progress Being Made for Redistricting Reform But YOUR Help is Needed

Time Range For Action Alert: 
February 9, 2019

Action Alert! The Indiana Senate Elections Committee has passed SB105, a redistricting bill that would establish a set of standards that legislators would have to follow when drawing maps. While the bill is a good start, it doesn't go far enough. Please contact your Senators NOW and ask them to support an amendment authored by Senator Ron Alting. It includes these two important changes: a statement that would forbid any district from being drawn to favor or disfavor any individual or political party and language to provide the public with access to mapping software and data so they can draw and submit maps to the General Assembly for consideration.

Please also ask them to support giving a hearing to a stronger redistricting bill, SB91.

Please act NOW because SB105 is eligible for 2nd reading Monday.

Ways to make contact: 1. Use the easy form at the link below. 2. Write and/or call both your senator and Elections Committee Chair Senator Walker (Senator.Walker [at] 3. Phone 800-382-9467. 4. Find all emails at

Thanks to the All IN for Democracy coalition for working to bring reform to Indiana!