Board Meetings and Events

Board Meetings and Events

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Board Meetings
5:30 PM - Executive Board meeting
6:30 to 7:30 PM Board meeting

Maxie's Restaurant
1311 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines

Back-up location
Karen Person's condo
3663 Grand Avenue, DM

Monday, March 16 - 
Board Meeting cancelled
Monday, April 20 - 
Board meeting cancelled
Saturday, May 2 -
Annual meeting not held
Election held via email

June - no Board meeting
     Retreat held via Zoom
     in July after State Council
     meeting and National
     Convention (both virtual
Minutes File11-18-19 Board meeting Retreat held by Zoom in July  
Minutes File1-20-20 Board meeting Minutes 8-17-20 Board meeting
Minutes File2-17-20 Board meeting Minutes 9-21-20 Board meeting
Minutes 3-16-20 Board meeting
Board meeting cancelled
Minutes 10-19-20 Board meeting
Minutes 4-20-20 Board meeting
Board meeting cancelled
Minutes 11-16-20 Board meeting
Minutes 5-18-20 Board meeting
Board meeting cancelled

                Events Calendar

Cancelled till the Fall   Celebration at Artisan Gallery 218 in Valley Junction - the completion of the 19 Suffragist portraits by Mary Kline Misol 
May 20 
This event is co-sponsored with Chrysalis Foundation.
11:45 AM to 1 PM -"hashtag activism, people power, and generational change: women moving forward" 
FileTickets will need to be purchased. 

The National League of Women Voters National Conference is a virtual meeting on
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 26-29, 2020.