Board Meetings and Events

Board Meetings and Events

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Board Meetings
5:30 PM - Executive Board meeting
6:30 to 7:30 PM Board meeting

Maxie's Restaurant
1311 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines

Back-up location
Karen Person's condo
3663 Grand Avenue, DM

Monday, Jan. 20
Monday, Feb. 17
Monday, March 16 -
Board Meeting cancelled
Monday, April 20
Monday, May 18

June - no Board meeting
Saturday, June 20 - Board
Planning retreat @ DMU

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Minutes 3-16-20 Board meeting
Board meeting cancelled
Minutes 10-19-20 Board meeting
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                Events Calendar

Cancelled till the Fall   Celebration at Artisan Gallery 218 in Valley Junction - the completion of the 19 Suffragist portraits by Mary Kline Misol 
to Wednesday,
April 29
Wakonda Club Luncheon - co-sponsor with Chrysalis Foundation
11:30 AM to 1 PM - Part 1 of "The Power of Women's Movements"
entitled "The Rest of the Story".  FileTickets will need to be purchased.
May 7
60 Years of StruggleThe Women's Suffrage Movement in Iowa
6:30 PM Franklin Library, 5000 Franklin Avenue, Des Moines
Lorna TruckLorna Truck will tell the stories of Iowans active in the women’s suffrage movement from the early years following the civil war through the final years before the federal amendment was ratified.  Important activists include Martha Callanan, Annie Savery, Carrie Lane Catt, Amelia Bloomer, Mary Coggeshall, Alice Baily, Rebecca Norse, and many other men and women.  
Thursday, May 14 The Yellow Rose of Suffrage:  The Story of Carrie Chapman Catt
6:30 PM Franklin Library, 5000 Franklin Avenue, Des Moines
Jane CoxJane Cox, 
wrote and performs this one-woman show, The Yellow Rose of Suffrage. The play illustrates the life and words of women’s activist Carrie Chapman Catt. A tireless organizer and campaigner, Catt was president of the National American Women Suffrage Association for many years and directed more than two million women in the suffrage movement. 
May 20 
Wakonda Club Luncheon - co-sponsor with Chrysalis Foundation
11:30 AM to 1 PM - Part 2 of "The Power of Women's Movements"
entitled "Today's Movement Makers".  FileTickets will need to be purchased. 

The National League of Women Voters National Conference is in Washington, D.C. on
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 26-29, 2020.