Ohio River Water Quality Discussion with ORSANCO, et al.

Ohio River Water Quality Discussion with ORSANCO, et al.


Lang House
115 South Ewing Avenue
Louisville Kentucky 40206
Kentucky US
Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 1:00pm

The League of Women Voters of Louisville invites you to a discussion with Mr. Richard Harrison, executive director of ORSANCO (Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission), regarding the League’s position letter sent to ORSANCO and water quality challenges to la belle riviere.


The meeting will be held on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. at
Lang House, 115 South Ewing Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206.


Listen to a panel of speakers consisting of Tom Fitzgerald, director, Kentucky Resources Council, who will act as the moderator;


  • Nikki Chambers, LWVKY Environment Chair, Moss WTP supervisor, Hopkinsville Water Environmental Authority

  • Sarah Lynn Cunningham, PE, environmental engineer and member of the LWVL

  • Tamara Sluss, PhD, large river researcher and director, Interdisciplinary Master in Sustainability Program, University of Louisville

  • Michael Miller, professor emeritus, Department of Biological Science, University of Cincinnati

  • Jason Flickner, director and waterkeeper, Lower Ohio River Waterkeeper

  • Chris Bobay, Louisville Water Co.




We are expecting a very informative discussion about our river and the continued challenges to maintain it and keep it clean. All interested persons are invited. There is no charge.




For additional information, call Shirley Cantrell, chair, Natural Resources Committee at 502-241-4249 or email at Cant1557 [at] twc.com


Contact Information
Shirley Cantrell
Cant1557 [at] twc.com