Mapping the Road to Town Meeting

LWVCC sponsored an educational program November 9th, 2017 on how a town government issue becomes an Article on the Town's Warrant. Held at the Fowler Library in West Concord, this seminar featured Michael Lawson (Select Board), Kaari Mai Tari (Town Clerk), and Anita Tekle (former Town Clerk), is a primer on creating successful warrant articles.

Kaari discussed the pathway for an Article, and the kinds of issues that come before Town Meeting. Anita followed up and urged the audience to put their ideas and amendments in writing. She cautioned the listeners to be aware of unintended consequences and to check with the Town Clerk's office for guidance. Amendments to an Article must be succinct and within the scope of the original Article, so as to give the public fair notice of the topic, according to Anita.

Mike encouraged those with Petition Articles to have a written draft ready for review. His advice to those who want to discuss amending an article: "Let the Town Moderator know about the amendment in advance of formally proposing it." This program was videotaped by CCTV and may be viewed on their website: The League expresses gratitude to the Concord Free Public Library and the Town of Concord, the co-sponsors of these seminars.

Session 1 - The Making of a Warrant Article

Session 2 - How It Works, and How to Work It