Library Board of Trustees

Library Board of Trustees


Observer Corps Reports February 2019

Introduction: The Falmouth Public Library Board of Trustees is an elected 7 member board of citizen volunteers. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:45 PM. There is a currently a vacancy. Kathleen H. Murray was elected for another 3-year term in May 2018, but she resigned and ultimately passed away in November. Her dedication and historical knowledge are missed.

Marilyn G. Zacks and Jerome S. Fanger both retired at the end of their 2018 term. Marilyn had served as Vice Chair and Jerome as Treasurer.

The current Board, their positions and term expiration years are:
Lysbeth A. Abrams, Chair [2019]
Sylvia L. Szulkin [2019]
Lindsay M. Hopewood, Corresponding Secretary [2020]
Judith L. Fenwick, Recording Secretary [2020]
Margaret Finnell, Treasurer [2021]
Kathleen Mount [2021]

Linda E. Collins (Library Director) and Jennifer Woodward (Assistant Library Director) also attend the meetings.

Overview: I have not attended all of the meetings of the Falmouth Library Board of Trustees this year.

The meeting minutes through February, 2018 are posted on the Falmouth Public Library website. The meeting minutes through November, 2018 are posted on the Town of Falmouth website.

The Board follows the Open Meeting Law, and have responded quickly to concerns expressed by the public in order to ensure compliance.

The Board continues to be very respectful of each other and of visitors. Each meeting includes a report from: the Friends of the Falmouth Public Library, each of the Officers, the Committees (Policy, Resource, and Building and Grounds), the Assistant Library Director and the Library Director.

Current Topics:
East Falmouth Library Branch Many of the upgrades referenced in the last report have been completed. The Summer Eats program was hosted there over the summer. More than 50 young people were served during the first event in July. Additional improvements are required inside the branch, including replacing the carpet, a larger circulation desk and resolution of the issue with the glass door at the entrance. Linda Collins and Jennifer Woodward have been working to thin the book collection at the branch.

New Building for the North Falmouth Library Branch may be postponed until the next State funding cycle (2024), unless the Board decides to try to raise funds locally for a new building sooner. The proposed location has been re-sited further East on Chester Street. An assessment of the lifespan of the current building has been completed.

FPL Trustees' Bylaws were reviewed and revised over the course of several months. The final proposed amendments were submitted to Frank Duffy, Town Counsel. Receiving no comments, the Board voted unanimously to accept the revisions on May 8, 2018.

Treasurer Margaret Finnell deserves acknowledgment for stepping into the role of Treasurer shortly after joining the Board.

Jennifer Alai, LWVF Observer
February 2019

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