Looking for Your Absentee Ballot Dropbox?

Looking for Your Absentee Ballot Dropbox?

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 Planning to vote from home but you've not mailed your ballot yet?  The U.S. Mail is slow these days and it might not get your ballot to your Clerk's office by Nov 3  - the absolute deadline.

To be sure your ballot gets there on time you can deliver it yourself to the official dropbox for your City, Village or Township.  The League of Women Voters has located all the official dropboxes for Washtenaw County and prepared a list of locations, plus information about your Clerk's special extra office hours before the election.  We've even included photos for almost all of the boxes to help you identify them.   

Washtenaw County Ballot Dropbox Locations


  • City of Ann Arbor has changed the box at the Ann St entrance.  Same location, box looks different
  • City of Dexter has two dropboxes - one next to the Main St. door of the PNC Bank building at 8123 Main St. The second drop box is located to the left of the Sheriff’s Office door at 8140 Main St. 
  • Ypsilanti Township has a second drop box at the fire station at   222 S. Ford Blvd,  Ypsilanti,