How to register, vote absentee, learn about candidates

How to register, vote absentee, learn about candidates

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The Michigan Secretary of State's website has detailed information about voting.  Go to   for

  • YOUR PERSONAL VOTING INFORMATION (are you registered, where is your polling place, where is the authorized drop off box for absentee ballots, what is the status of your absentee ballot.)     Choose "Who is my Clerk?", fill out the form to get your Voter Information.


League video "How to Register to Vote or change your address"

League video "How to Cast Your Ballot"

Absentee Ballot Tips -  

  • Be sure to sign the outside envelope on the indicated line
  • Mail early or deliver to your authorized ballot drop box.  Find the box location in your Voter Information on the website  or look for Washtenaw County information on this pdf schedule (NOTE: due to be updated approx. Sept 28)
  • Find the status of your absentee ballot (when sent to you, when accepted by your Clerk) at


Know Your Voting Rights -  Click HERE to see ACLU website about voting rights



The following information was developed by LWVAAA High School Voter Registration volunteers in collaboration with area high school students.  The information was created for students new to voting, but works for everyone.

Are you be ready to vote?  Have you moved recently?  Wonder if your voter registration status is correct?  You can go to the League of Women Voters’ website to check your registration status.  If you need to register here’s a video prepared by and for area high school students about “How to Register to Vote” 

Are you unable to go to the polls because you are busy, lack transportation or for other reasons?  You can vote by mail.  Download an absentee ballot application and send it to your local Clerk's office.

If you would like to be on the permanent voter list and get an absentee ballot application every election go to this Washtenaw County website. You can also check a box on the absentee ballot application to get on the permanent list.

For all the information you will need to vote by mail or in person check out this short video.

And when it’s time to vote, is the place to go for information about the candidates.