Tips for Returning Your Absentee Ballot

Tips for Returning Your Absentee Ballot

Absentee Ballot envelope for MI

Absent Voter Ballots are arriving in people's mailboxes.

Tips for Returning Your Ballot

  • Sign and Date the back of your ballot return envelope

If mailing your ballot

  • Sign and Date the back of the Return Envelope (green)
  • Use 2 stamps!
  • Mail as soon as possible! Mail at least by Oct 19
  • Track your ballot - Michigan Voter Information Center 

If returning your ballot in person

  • return to your city or township clerk
  • drop in an official drop box

Filling in your ballot

  • Read the instructions for each race! Some races may ask you to vote for more than one candidate.
  • Fill in the ovals completely and darkly (black pen). Try not to make any stray marks on your ballot.
  • You can skip races. Skipping sections does not invalidate your ballot.
  • If you make a mistake on your ballot, you will have to take it to your clerk's office to obtain a new ballot.

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