Welcome to our New Web Site

Welcome to our New Web Site

LWV of the Midland Area

The LWV of the Midland Area has a new web page. The new service is called MyLO - My Web Online. Like our previous web designer, it is created and operated by the LWV of California. The new version should increase accessibility and drive engagement to our web site.


  • Same address - www.lwv-midland.org
  • Members Only section
  • New technology
  • Easy content sharing
  • Better accessibility
  • Better mobile viewing

On the home page, you will see a menu and our sponsors down the left side. The central area will contain an abstract of the 10 most recent articles. Other menu items lead to our Local Program, our Positions, Voting information, Calendar and Issues.

Please note that the page is still under construction. If you see any problems, errors, or have suggestions, please email the webmaster, %20katherinetaylorredwine [at] gmail.com (Katherine Redwine).



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