Local Program of the LWV of the Midland Area

Local Program of the LWV of the Midland Area

League of Women Voters of the Midland Area

Local Program 2020-2021


I.  Protect the right to vote of every citizen.                                                    

GOALS:  Remain alert to threats to a citizen’s right to vote; take advantage of opportunities to protect any citizen’s right to vote.

RATIONALE:  In accordance with the Bylaws of the League of Women Voters of the Midland Area, Article IX, Section 2, a), protecting the right to vote of every citizen is the first requirement of the local Program.

IMPLEMENTATION: Monitor news reports and respond to action alerts regarding activities that might restrict voting rights. Publicize registration requirements and dates, ID waiver requirements. Monitor implementation of voting rights and redistricting commission implementation. Communicate relevant information to prospective voters.

II. Provide education for League members and the public on elections and issues of current interest.

GOALS:  Make information and educational resources available to the public as well as League members.

RATIONALE:  The League is a nonpartisan political organization, encouraging informed and active participation in government, working to increase understanding of major public policy issues.

IMPLEMENTATION:  Present speakers, panels, audio-visual materials, etc. covering issues of current concerns. Provide voter information via candidate forums and voter guides in electronic and paper form. Maintain and distribute “Your Elected Officials” as a community resource. Maintain website as a source of League information, links to related government resources, and how to be engaged with local government.

III. Advocate for voter rights and protection.

GOALS: Make Democracy Work; make every vote count.

RATIONALE: The core democracy issues of voting rights, voter protection and service, and election reform have been studied. Positions exist for taking action in these areas, which the national and state Leagues do on an ongoing basis. A focused emphasis at all three levels of League to act in these areas is the best use of resources toward this goal. This supports the direction recommended by the LWVUS. 

IMPLEMENTATION:  Advocate for fair redistricting, expanded voter rights, campaign finance reform. Work with LWVMI and others to implement at the local level. Work with County and City Clerks to improve the voting process.

IV.  Identify governmental Issues of concern to our community.

GOALS:  In cooperation with community governments, seek to identify local issues of common concern.  Identify ways the League can partner with governmental and other community groups to address these issues.

RATIONALE:  The focus of the work of the League of Women Voters is based on its mission as a nonpartisan political organization. Addressing governmental issues at the local level is more effective in collaboration with other community organizations.

IMPLEMENTATION:  Invite local government officials and staff for meetings to share their thoughts about critical issues facing the community; look for opportunities for League involvement with concerns of common interest. Seek relevant groups in the community for possible collaboration.

 V.  Promote “Great Decisions” discussion groups.

GOALS:  Support established discussion groups by communicating Great Decisions program details and obtaining study materials from the Foreign Policy Association for purchase by discussion group participants.  Advertise availability; support formation of new groups.

RATIONALE:  The League has successfully sponsored Great Decision groups in the Midland area for many years.  This Program supports the LWVUS position on International Relations to “Promote peace in an interdependent world by working cooperatively with other nations and strengthening international organizations.”

IMPLEMENTATION:  Continue organizing groups and ordering supplies as done previously by our League.


VI. Take appropriate actions in regard to existing adopted local positions (see these under Positions on the menu)

Retain these positions with any needed typographical errors corrected:

Acquisition of Gifts - Bequests and Donations - by Governmental Bodies (2014) *

K-12 Public School Financing (2012) *

Local Adult Corrections (2006) *

Local Use of Federal Funds (1984) *

Midland City Government (2006) *

Midland County Educational Service Agency (2007) *

Midland County Government (2006) *

Midland County Housing Needs and Low-Income Housing (2007) *

Midland Police Department (2012) *

Planning I and Planning II, Midland City and County (2003) *

Youth and Children Services for the Pre-Delinquent and Delinquent and Juvenile Justice Facility (2007) *

*Year originally approved or updated.

GOALS:  Maintain local positions that are relevant and up-to-date so that they can be utilized when advocacy is needed.

RATIONALE:  The adopted positions provide valuable direction for actions of the League.  They are posted on the League website for the public to evaluate the League’s philosophy.  It is vital that they be accurate, well-presented, and current.

IMPLEMENTATION:  Review positions periodically to be sure they are current; seek outside input as appropriate. Make determination to retain, revise or discontinue. Look for opportunities to take action.   

VII. Participate in League studies at the state and national levels.

GOALS:  Reach consensus on questions posed by the committees in charge of the studies.

RATIONALE:  We are a part of the state and national Leagues. We want to have input in the positions they take.

IMPLEMENTATION:  When notices come, we will organize meetings locally to study, discuss, and reach consensus on the issues.

VIII. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

GOALS:  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are considered in all aspects of Local League.

RATIONALE: Diversity, equity and inclusion are defined in detail in the LWV.org Management Section. Briefly, Diversity includes all of the similarities and differences among people. Equity is an approach based in fairness to ensuring everyone is given equal opportunity; this means that resources may be divided and shared unequally to make sure that each person has a fair chance to succeed. Inclusion refers to the degree to which diverse individuals are able to participate fully in the decision-making processes within an organization or group.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are mutually reinforcing. Increased inclusion is associated with increased equity; the majority of organizations with higher inclusion and equity also have greater demographic diversity.

IMPLEMENTATION:  Consider diversity when working with other League members; when reaching out to various groups in the community for educational programs and forums; for membership potential and partnership opportunities. Consider equity when forming teams and workgroups within and outside the League. Successful efforts in diversity and equity will result in an inclusive organization.

adopted May 20, 2020

Democratic government depends upon informed and active participation at all levels of government.