Youth and Children Services for the Delinquent and Pre-Delinquent, consideration of a Juvenile Justice Facility.
Position History: 

Youth and Children Services: Adopted 1977, Revised 2007.

Juvenile Justice Facility: Adopted 1992, Amended 2006

Youth and Children Services for the Delinquent and Pre-Delinquent

The League of Women Voters of the Midland area reaffirms the Michigan League of Women Voters' state-wide position.

To effectively meet the needs of youth in our community, the League of Women Voters of the Midland Area:

  1. Supports and encourages development of facilities and programs to meet the social and recreational needs of youth;
  2. Supports productive communication among all agencies serving youth;
  3. Supports the development of an information guide describing the current community programs, services and contact personnel available for youth;
  4. Supports a variety of shelter care facilities to provide individual and group care for long and short term placement for delinquent and non-delinquent youth;
  5. Supports the concept of a regional detention facility for detention and treatment of Midland County residents;
  6. Supports increased employment opportunities for youth;
  7. Supports employment by the City and County of qualified youth officers who have specific education and training in working with youth; Such an officer should assume the primary responsibility for youth involved with law enforcement;
  8. Supports expanded efforts on the part of law enforcement personnel to promote positive attitudes toward the law among youth;
  9. Supports a low ratio of students to counselors in the public schools;
  10. Supports curriculum development in the areas of: self-worth, parenting and family living for implementation in grades K-12;
  11. Supports and encourages direct communication among school personnel who are counseling youth within the area schools;
  12. Supports the alternative education programming;
  13. Supports diagnostic and screening services for delinquent and pre-delinquent youth;
  14. Supports a county forensic interviewer for abused or victimized children, housed in a non-threatening environment.

Juvenile Justice Facility

  1. We strongly support the philosophy behind the current legal mandate to place youths in the "least restrictive setting" possible;
  2. We can support a facility designed and administered primarily for local Midland County cases.
  3. Because of the range of services necessary for adequate treatment, a juvenile facility should not be limited to detention only.
  4. We prefer that a juvenile facility be administered by an autonomous board with balanced representation from the Board of Commissioners, the Juvenile Division of the Probate Court Family Division of the 42nd Circuit Court and citizens at large community representatives.
  5. We recognize that education, recreational and medical facilities are required by law and support that requirement. Because juveniles need to be familiar with what is available in the local community and to avoid unnecessary duplication, we strongly encourage the use of community facilities.
  6. We support counseling and treatment, clinical, diagnostic and assessment services as inherent parts of on-site treatment. These services should be provided in cooperation with community agencies.
  7. We support aftercare as one of the most important components of treatment.
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