Information for Disabled Voters

Information for Disabled Voters

Getting Your Ballot

A Person with a Permanent Disability can register to be put on the voter disabled list and will automatically be sent a absentee ballot. You must get a signed statement from your doctor stating that you are permanently disabled to qualify. For further information, contact the Secretary of State's Election Hotline at 1-800-829-6786. You may also find information and support at Disability Rights Mississippi at 1-800-772-4057.

Voting Machines

Some new voting machines have features to assist voters with visual impairments:
  • Voters with blindness or severe visual impairments may navigate through the entire ballot without assistance, in privacy, using voice-guidance prompts.
  • Voters with limited vision may use a magnification feature enabling them to vote unassisted in a clear and comfortable manner in privacy.

Personal Voting Assistance

Any voter can ask for personal assistance who:
  • is blind: or,
  • is physically disabled;or,
  • cannot read or cannot write.


No other reasons will be considered valid.

To get assistance, a voter must:

  • tell the managers she or he needs help to mark ballot:
  • state one of the above reasons why help is needed: and
  • pick someone to help them.


The voter can have anyone help mark his ballot, except:

  • his or her employer or an employer's representative; or,
  • a representative of any union of which she or he is a member.

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