League Loses Fight Against Amendment 3

League Loses Fight Against Amendment 3


Voters narrowly approved Amendment 3 on Nov. 3, overturning redistricting reforms approved two years ago. As legislative redistricting proceeds under the new rules in 2021, the League won't be giving up on fair maps or transparency in redistricting.  

"We are committed to ensuring as fair an outcome as possible when new maps are drawn," says Clean Missouri's Sean Nicholson. "Amendment 3 was written to allow for truly radical gerrymandering, but it does not require it. The broad bipartisan coalition that passed Clean Missouri will be active and engaged in the 2021 redistricting process to ensure that voters and communities come first in new maps, not politicians."

The League is especially concerned about language calling for “one person one vote” since it could lead to non-citizens and children under 18 years old not being counted when legislative districts are drawn. 

The fiscal note for Amendment 3 said “Individual local governmental entities expect significant decreased revenues of a total unknown amount.”

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