Environmental Quality

Environmental Quality

The Metro League has an active committee working on a variety of environmental issues. You can reach Chair Mickey Croyle at erwincroyle [at] charter.net.

The following are the Natural Resource positions of the Missouri League.

Air Quality   Adopted 2015
- Promote measures to reduce pollution from mobile and stationary sources 
- Our air quality in Missouri should be protected and promoted, taking into account air pollution caused by motor vehicles, power plants, factory farming, waste disposal and other challenges to our environment. 

Hazardous and Solid Waste       Adopted 1972, Updated 1987
- Support of strong provisions to fulfill state and local government's responsibility for hazardous and solid waste management

Land Use and Growth Management   Adopted 1976 Based on National Positions 1986
- Support for the adoption and implementation of long range land use plans and regulations by state, county and municipal governments which incorporate sound policy development based upon the goals, needs and resources of each locale. 

Water    Adopted 1958, Updated 1989
- Support of a comprehensive water policy for Missouri, one that includes the public trust doctrine

 Climate Change   Adopted 2017
- Recognize manmade climate change as a critical threat to the planet

Environmental Quality Committee



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Mickey Croyle
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Metro St. Louis