Request a Missouri Absentee Ballot

Request a Missouri Absentee Ballot

request an absentee or mail-in ballot

All Missouri voters can use mail-in voting in 2020, but several different forms can be confusing. The League has offers a two-page Fact Sheet on Absentee Voting

A person must be registered to vote in Missouri by October 7th to request an absentee ballot for the November 3rd General Election.

Fill out this form if you are over age 65 or have an underlying condition putting you at higher risk for COVID-19. Clilck here if you are a healthy voter under age 65 who wants a mail-in ballot that will need to be notarized. Note that it is the envelope that holds your completed ballot that must be notarized for absentee ballots without a health excuse, as well as, all mail-in ballots.  The form that requests the ballot does not need to be notarized.

Note the small print at the bottom of the request form tells you that if you have not voted in person in this election authority, you must include a copy of a valid ID with your request for an absentee ballot. 

Examples of acceptable identification if you have not voted in person in your county:

  • Identification issued by the state of Missouri, an agency of the state, or a local election authority of the state;
  • Identification issued by the United States government or agency thereof;
  • Identification issued by an institution of higher education, including a university, college, vocational and technical school, located within the state of Missouri; or
  • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government document that contains the name and address of the voter.

Do not forget to sign the printed form.  Once you have all required papers in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it to your local election authority. Or, you can scan the signed form and email it.  Or fax it.  The form must be received by your election authority by 5pm on October 21st.   For most of Missouri's counties that is the County Clerk.

Request your ballot early.  Issues with the postal service have made USPS delivery times long.  If it takes two weeks for your request to reach your election authority, two weeks for the election authority to mail it to you, and two weeks for your completed ballot to get back to the election authority, that is 6 weeks!

Find mailing address to your local election authority