Missoula League Panel on Single Payer Health Insurance

Missoula League Panel on Single Payer Health Insurance


The Missoula League co-hosted a film and panel presentation on Single Payer Health Insurance on March 3, 2018 in Missoula.  The panel was moderated by LisaRae Roper, MS, MHA, AHIMA FELLOW, and included:  Bryce Ward, Ph.D., Director UM Bureau’s Health Care Research Program; Carter Beck, MD, Neurosurgeon, Providence St Patrick Hospital and Montana representative to the American Medical Association; and Marc Mentel, DO, Associate Program Director for Osteopathic Curriculum, Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana.  The film and presentation were co-hosted by the Missoula Chapter of the American Association of Professional Coders.  

The film "Fix It" focused on the impact of current health insurance costs and coverage on small businesses in the United States, and pointed out that although the US spends significantly more on health care than every other industrialized country, the quality of our health care ranks near the bottom.  The panel discussed several single payer systems and how they differ from the current system. 

The entire presentation was filmed by Missoula Community Access Television.  Their recording can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

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