About Tags and Meta tags

About Tags and Meta tags

A tag is an organizational term or phrase, known in other systems as categories or metadata. Specifically in MyLO, tags can be applied to articles and events to interrelate content across Leagues while meta tags can be added to any content. 


Our tagging system allows Leagues an easy way to offer their visitors a look into what Leagues around the country are doing on that exact same subject. All Leagues on MyLO can relate to any existing tags or create new tags.

As you type in a term or phrase, past entries that match your entry will appear—just start typing to see and select tags that already exist. If your tag does not exist, simply finish typing the rest of the tag. You can add multiple tags—separate each tag with a comma followed by a space.

When constructing a tag, spaces are allowed, hashtags are not required, and capitalization does not matter.
Example: voter registration, Voter Registration, Redistricting, my own custom tag
The first two examples above are the same tags. 

Adding tags to content creates a link to that word or phrase, leading to a view: an aggregated list of all other related articles or events. Read more about related content.

Content with Tags

Add relevant tags in order to create a link for each that lead to lists of other related articles and events.


Tags, while editing your article, are located under the Attachments. The video below begins after starting a new draft of the Sample Article.


Find the Tags under Event Registration and post event details. The video below begins after starting a new draft of the 10/21 Event.

Example of tags added to the Sample Article

Example of Article with Tags

Read more about how to construct a tag in MyLO under the Tags section above.

Example of interrelated content page

Each tag receives its own view that lists all of the related content. Here is an example of a tag's view (the tag is advocacy). Because all Leagues on MyLO have access to Tags,

Example of Tag list: advocacy

Meta tags

Meta tags are important to your site because they tell the search engines what the content you have is all about. It is metadata—data about datawhich is incredibly important for the overall optimization of your site. Meta tags impact how your site ranks and how info about your site displays on search engine results pages. 

Metadata will not be displayed on the page, but will be machine readable so it is visible only when inspecting the HTML of the page. This data about data (all <meta> tags) appears within the top section of the HTML: the <head> tag. This allows search engine bots to crawl our sites easily and pick up that important information so it can be used for search engine indexing. 

Basic Tags

The MyLO system fills in most of the basic tags with tokens.

Page Title

The text to display in the title bar of a visitor's web browser when they view this page. This meta tag may also be used as the title of the page when a visitor bookmarks or favorites this page. MyLO constructs this meta tag by joining your content's Title and our site's name. For example, this content's page title meta tag should display as: About Tags and Meta tags | MyLO.


A brief and concise summary of the page's content, preferably 320 characters or less. The description meta tag may be used by search engines to display a snippet about the page in search results. This will be truncated to a maximum of 380 characters. This text is taken from your content's Summary. When the Summary is empty, the Body of your content takes its place as the description.


A comma-separated list of keywords about the page. If your League has trouble pinpointing the best keywords, see our list of recommended keywords for LWVs. Some major search engines no longer pick up on this meta tag, like Google. However, these keywords can improve our internal site search for MyLO.


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