Archive or Library of PDFs and Documents

Archive or Library of PDFs and Documents

The Media Library on MyLO is intended for images and commonly used PDF or other file resources that may be shared across leagues. It is not intended to act as a document library or archive system for large qauntities of League-specific files such as archival PDFs for years worth of meetings, reports, legislation documentation, etc. Websites are not ideal places to serve as document libraries, as this will interfere with the general usability (and overall SEO) of your League site.

If you are looking to provide a document library, we recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox, and then linking to the document library from your Leauge site. 

If your League's email address is a Gmail address, then you already have a Google Drive account that you can use. Dropbox has both free and paid versions available. Both systems offer the same advantages:

  • Excellent file searching tools
  • Nuanced sharing options, for both viewing, commenting, and editing
  • Revision history
  • Familiar file presentation systems

For more infomration about Google Drive and Dropbox:

  • Google Drive (links externally to Google Drive documentation)
  • Dropbox (links externally to Dropbox documentation)

Both services have free and paid options. The free options will suffice for most use-cases.

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