Archiving your League Site

Archiving your League Site

If you are shifting your League's online presense from one platform to another (e.g. from LEW League Easy Web to MyLO My League Online), you. may want to archive your site in some way that enables to you access the old material or pages in the future.

Depending on where you are coming from and where you are going, your methods will be different. This document will give you information for archiving a LEW site or a MyLO site, and will give you general ideas you might be able to use for sites on other platforms.

Archiving a MyLO site

League sites housed on MyLO are not technically individual sites. They are groups within the MyLO system. This is how content sharing, the Media Library, and cross-league tagging works. Access to these group-specific pages, and Webmaster controls, are made available through a complex set of permissions connected to roles and membership attached to each individual account.

When a League site is created, it is created in "Private" mode. This means that the League site is inactive on the MyLO system, and only that League's Webmasters will be able to see it.

Once you set the League site to "Public," then anyone will be able to visit the League's site on MyLO. 

If you want to archive a MyLO site, simply change its mode back to Private. This will then shut the League site down to anyone who isn't a Webmaster, but will still allow Webmasters to view it for archival purposes.

Please contact the mylo [at] (subject: Redirect%20Needed%20for%20MyLO%20site) (MyLO Team) for assistance with redirecting your MyLO URL to your new site.

Archiving a LEW (Leauge Easy Web) site

LEW sites are independent units and can be treated as such. Archiving one of these sites is done in two steps:

To download your LEW site, you will need to use a crawler that will grab your site and download it. Our favorite crawlers:

Archiving a site from elsewhere

If you are coming from somewhere other than LEW or MyLO, your site archive options will be dependent on your source platform. You may need to contact platform specific support or look through help documentation. 

The two crawlers above are likely to work for this scenario, as well. 

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