The Destination of the Red Donate Button in the Sidebar

The Destination of the Red Donate Button in the Sidebar

Each League site (using the red & blue theme) features a large red donate button in the sidebar that contains a link that will always go to the path /state/league-name/donate. This is not changeable, as it is core to how MyLO was set up, by design.* When you first receive your site, a default Donate page was created automatically and was set as the destination of this button. Page titles generate a portion of URLs in MyLO, so a page titled simply "Donate" will always serve as your Donate button's destination (as long as there aren't any predecessors with the same page title).

Although the destination URL that is associated with your Donate button cannot be changed, we can change the destination page by following these steps. (If necessary, you can request that your donate link be redirected to a third-party URL (a URL outside of MyLO) by emailing that request to mylo [at]

How to replace your default Donate page

If you want to get rid of the default generated page and use something you create yourself, such as a Form or another Page, you will want to follow the instructions below exactly. The reason for this is that the Donate button will always link to the path that ends in .../donate, and that path is created based on the League + the page title. If a path is already in use (typically, the URL containing the path .../donate will already be in use), then the site will append an underscore and number (like this: _0) to the path, and your new page would be .../donate_0. This URL/page would not be connected to the Donate button.


  1. DELETE or RENAME the default Donate page on your site--this should be the Donate page you want removed. You can delete the page by going to "MANAGE CONTENT" under your League Administration Menu.

  2. Create your new content, either a Page or a Form depending on what you want it to be, using the appropriate ADD ___ link from the League Administrator Menu. 

  3. Make sure that the TITLE of your new page/form/etc. is Donate and doesn't contain any other words.

  4. Save and publish your new piece of content. Check the path in the URL bar of your browser, it should be /state/League-name/donate. If this is correct, then your change will work. If it is not, send the path to mylo [at] with as much additional information as you can so that we can help troubleshoot.

* For every immutable rule, there are always options. If you have a good reason to consider customization to this feature, please contact mylo [at] with your specific thoughts and needs, and the MyLO team will discuss this with you further.

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