Give a Member Webmaster Privileges

Give a Member Webmaster Privileges

Since all Members have individual accounts on MyLO, you can give specific Members Webmaster privileges on your League site. This enables you to have more than one content contributor/editor. Watch this video for an example of adding a brand new user as a webmaster:

All editing actions are stored in revisions and any change can easily be reverted, so you will always know who did what and when. Here is a video about content revisions if you'd like to learn more:

check the checkbox labeled administrator member and then click the button update membership

To turn a Member into an administrator on your League site:

  1. Make sure that the Member is active on your Member Roster: Manage Your League Members
  2. Click on the Manage Members link in your Administrator League Menu
  3. Find the Member in the list, and click the edit link in that Member's row
  4. Check off administrative member under Roles and then click Update membership
  5. This individual can now edit and add content on your League site

Remember: every revision will be stored, with a log of who made the revision. This gives you the ability to track Member behavior if you have any concerns. You can easily revoke this privilege by unchecking the box in a future edit, or even updating the Member's status from Active to Pending or Blocked.


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