Google Analytics - Paths 1 & 2

Google Analytics - Paths 1 & 2

Path 1: Create Brand New Google/Gmail Account

  • You WILL NEED a Google account for this work--creating an account is free. 
  • If you need to create a Google account, follow this link to sign up; follow the steps as prompted.
  • Once logged in to your Google account, you must sign up to use Google Analytics and create an Analytics account. Proceed to Path 2 below.

Path 2: Create New Google Analytics Account & Property

If you aren’t yet a Google Analytics user, it’s free to use. Being new to Google Analytics, you will be prompted to set up your account AND property at the same time.

  1. Use this link to sign in to Google Analytics. Sign in to your Google account first.
  2. If this is your very first GA account, select Set up for free to get started.
  3. Assign an Account Name (i.e. MyLO), then select Next.
  4. By default, What do you want to measure? is set to Web--do not change this setting. Select Next.
  5. Within the Property details, enter a Website Name (i.e. LWV Demo County MyLO site). 
  6. Website URL:
    1. Instead of "http://" from the dropdown, select "https://."
    2. Copy & paste the URL from your MyLO site, leaving out "https://" (i.e.
  7. Select an Industry Category that best fits the site’s organization. When you select an industry category, you can use goal templates designed for your industry.
  8. Adjust the Reporting Time Zone settings if needed, but it should be set to your time zone. 
  9. Data Sharing Settings: You can adjust how you share your Google Analytics data with Google. Read more about data sharing settings here.
  10. Click Create.
  11. Check each box to agree to the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement and the Additional Terms Applicable to Data Shared with Google then select I Accept in order to create this new account & property.
  12. Check/un-check the optional email settings within the pop-up window.
  13. You've now generated your Global Site Tag (gtag.js) which is the code you'll add to your homepage (begins <!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->).
  14. Keep this tab open to confirm you've successfully added your site tag code using the Status.
Initial Status of Global Site Tag

An example of The Demo County global site tag status initially, before adding it to the homepage.

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