Make your League Site public for the world to see

Make your League Site public for the world to see

By default, League sites start off as private. This allows you to work on your site until you are comfortable publishing it. 

When you are ready for the world to see your site, you will need to edit it and make it "public".

  1. Go to your League landing page
  2. Click on "New draft" (or "Edit draft" if you already have unpublished changes)
  3. Scroll to the bottom and expand the Advanced Settings.
  4. Find the section titled: "Restrict Entire League to Members Only?"
  5. Change the radio button from "Private" to "Public"
  6. Under Promotion settings, change your moderation state to "Published" (if left in draft mode, the privacy change will not take effect until you publish)
  7. Click "Save"

Now your site will be live for the world to see!

Restrict Entire League to Members Only (Advanced Settings)

Remember that your change won't be publiuc until you publish it. The moderation state defaults to draft, so you must change this before saving.

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